The Ancient Macedonian Language




Both ancient macedonian alphabets from the ancient macedonian dia system later were the base for many derivated alphabets of some ancient macedonian tribes who composed the variant alphabets adapted to their dialects. Such is the case with the vinds, Phoenicians, Venets, Etruscans, Pelazgians (Belazgians), Lelezians, Lichians, etc. They can all be treated as ancient macedonian tribes in the frame works of the ancient macedonian language because they spoke an ancient macedonian pre language so that's why they are the subject of research of ancient macedonians.



Epitaph of the girl R'SLIE, a student (5,000 - 4,500 BC,) discovered near the village of Dolno Dupeni, near Resen-Republic of Macedonia. Deciphered from right to left and translated to English from the modern Macedonian translation it states:



Keeping in mind the ancient macedonian inscriptions, the monk Tsrnorizets Hrabar (courageous) from the first half of the Xth cent. A.D. with his work “O PNSMENHX¿ ” (“ABOUT THE LETTERS”) becomes more concrete and more clarified to us when he says ”Earlier the Slavs didn’t have books, but instead with lines and cuttings read, predicted and for told the future because they were pagans. His ascertainment derives a rather exceptional connotation that “ it couldn’t be written any better with greek letters“… god or life, or church or waiting, or width, or misery or from where, or youth or language or anything else similar to this”. Tsrnorizets Hrabar (Courageous) in the beginning of the Xth cent. A.D. never says that the slavs were illiterate as prof. Krume Kepeski literally understood it (Grammar of the macedonian literal language for secondary school Skopje 1972, p. 10) that allegedly in their fatherland the slavs didn’t have an alphabet but on the contrary, Tsrnorizets Hrabar (Courageous) testifies just as we already today are in the condition to decipher all that the ancient macedonians could “… with lines and cuttings read and predict (the future) …”, because they had composed not only the oldest preslav alphabet, but as well the oldest perfectly ordered letter alphabet for general and secret (hidden) usage in a wider context.


Reading from right to left:

"Rbete Rdze"  (7000-5000 b.c)



modern Macedonian letters] -reading from right to left


backwards ancient letters "Е Џ Р  Е Т Е Б Р"