On the Language of the Phrygians

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Phrygians - Brigians

Quote: "Οι δε Φρύγες ως Μακεδόνες λέγουσι εκαλέοντο Βρίγες χρόνο όσον Ευρωπήϊοι εόντες σύνοικοι ήσαν Μακεδόσι, μεταβάντες δε εις την Ασίαν άμα την χώρα και τούνομα μετέβαλλον εις Φρύγας "

"Phrygians, as Macedonians say, were called Briges as long time as they were Europeans residing with Macedonians, but when they moved to Asia changed their name simultaneusly with their homeland"

Herodotus VII 73

Brieg > Breg > hills from IE , V., bergen, verwahren and IE (1), V., tragen, bringen;

"Βέδυ γαρ τους Φρύγας το ύδωρ καλείν"
"Because the Phrygians call the water as Vedi"

Klimis the Alexandrian
"Οι δε Αιγύπτιοι νομίζουσι Φρύγας προτέρους γενέσθαι εαυτών, των δε άλλων εαυτούς"

"Egyptians consider that Phrygians are more ancient than them, but Egyptians are more ancient than any other people"



Modern Macedonian VODI/A > Water/s

Most likely in all Slavic languages

the word in Russian:

вода > voda > water
Gemranic: *watar, *watÌ n, germ.

Ancient/Modern Greek ύδωρ > hydor > water
Sometimes νερό as in μεταλλικό νερό > mineral water
Or "μαλακό" νερό > soft water

In Macedonian Mlaka voda > soft water
Russian мягкая вода > mjakaja voda > soft water
Old Church Slavonik mlā-k-, mlēu- : mlū̆ > to grind; fine, ground


Aperantly one Sanskrit word for water was
udaka = (n) water

which can be considered the root for the Indo European words for water.